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July 30-August 1st 2021

Gros-Fays, 5555 Bièvre

A weekend full of music, from all over.  

- western ancient music

- music from the Baul culture in India

traditionnal Turkish music

- music of the Balkan

- Argentinian Tango

- Folk music


Malabika Brahma-Gültekin.jpg

Malabika Brahma


Malabika Brahma is ambassadress of the Baul culture of the Bengal region in India and Bagladesh, rejecting the religious institutions and any kind of constitutional dogma, in order to propose a world based on human and humanity. Music has been the vehicle of this oral tradition through the ages.


portret Thomas Hand.jpg

Thomas Baeté

viola da gamba

The moment you play or sing music from a distant past back to life, two things happen: you make an instant, personal connection with that past, and at the same time you create something completely new and unique to that very moment.

The meeting of these seemingly opposite currents form the waves Thomas Baeté rides when he performs, researches, teaches and directs early music.

His instruments are the viola da gamba and the medieval fiddles, which he also uses to accompany his singing.


Tristan Driessens


The son of a nomadic family, Tristan Driessens traveled throughout Southern Europe during much of his youth. In Spain, he became acquainted with Sephardic and Andalusian music and first came in contact with the oud. Founder of the Lâmekân Ensemble, a Turkish-Belgian collective as well as the project Refugees for Refugees. Enough matter to travel far!

Renaud Crols.jpg

Renaud CROLS

violon . gypsyjazz trio

The "Renaud Crols Gypsyjazz trio" presents a selection of some standards of the jazz repertoire by Django Reinhardt, garnished with some pieces of Latin America and Brazil, personal compositions, and sometimes pieces of the Balkans... These three musicians have been playing together for many years in different bands, and their obvious musical complicity is a treat for the heart and the ears.

Renaud Crols violon

Renaud Dardenne Guitar

Benjamin Clement Guitar


Emre Gültekin


Emre Gültekin has discovered music and poetry trough his father, Lütfü Gültekin, a bard with important compositions in the repertoire of Turkish folk music. The saz has crossed the Middel-East up till Siberia, while changing shape and size. It's in Anatolia that the saz light up with masters as Talip Ozkan and Mustafa Karaçeper, who transmitted their art to Emre.


Joe Carew

Joe Carew

English Folk Songs (tbc)


Diego Espindola


Diego Espindola (Uruguay) has developped an artistic taste which conjugates classical and popular elements. He explored various musical languages which are reflecting in his style - a synthesis of classical music, Tango, Bossa Nova, Folk and Jazz. He leads us with his music to Latin America.

Isabelle de Spoelbergh_edited.jpg

Isabelle de Spoelberch


Her upcoming album is entitled "Appel à la source" : an ode to nature and our ancestors. Like a circle of renewal of the tradition through intercultural dialogue. Dreamlike visions with Isabelle de Spoelberch INTO this WOOD.

Folk Dandies_edited.jpg

Folk Dandies


The Folk Dandies, equipped with amplifiers on their backs ands dressed in pure steampunk style, bring a Folk-Rock repertoire with amazing arrangements in bluegrass and celtic style.